Pawspiracy was founded in November 2017 by Licht and Vanessa.

The name Pawspiracy came about as a play on two words paw and conspiracy. The aim is to bring to light the conspiracies surrounding the pet industry.

We started out as retailers hoping to encourage owners to shop better and smarter. But we soon realised that retailing was not our passion. Our true desire was to properly educate other pet owners.

Many of our customers back then relied solely on the advice of retailers to make dietary and nutritional decisions. Our customers became friends as we continued to advise fellow pet owners on products based on nutritional value, ignoring our own profit margins. Eventually, we realized we did not want to be yet another trusted pet supplier to be relied on.

We wanted to empower owners with knowledge. Knowledge that would give them the confidence to choose the right diet and make the best decisions for their companion. 

Our blog posts targets to help owners understand the world of pet nutrition through case studies and relevant findings. Instagram will share small tips and tricks on enhancing diets using various ingredients. Our consultancy services are for owners who are ready to take the next step and plunge into a new diet but aren’t quite sure where to start.

All in all, the Pawspiracy Team is here and happy to invite you to delve into the delightful world of pet nutrition.



To empower pet owners to make responsible choices based on knowledge and facts, less so on word of mouth.



To create awareness around pet nutrition and educate owners about available diets and products in the market.




A former healthcare professional specialising in eye-care, Licht decided to pursue a career in pet nutrition after her late dog KieKie pass on from health issues and her Mongrel puppy, Archer, suffered from severe skin problems.


As a vegetarian since birth, Licht was reluctant to incorporate meats into Archers’ diet but after research and education understood that her beliefs should not take precedence over Archers’ health.


Archer is now a raw-fed mongrel with no food intolerances and skin issues, his diets are carefully balanced at home to meet nutritional demands and Licht has no regrets.


Officially certified a pet nutritionist back in 2017, Licht takes a holistic approach toward wellness and health. She refrains from prescriptive drugs, preferring to use alternative medicines and other herbal remedies. Licht aims to raise and spread awareness about the importance of nutrition and diet. 



A former artisanal baker, Vanessa advocates for the use of natural and wholesome ingredients when it comes to creating something truly magical, be it for animals or their owners. Her quest to find the perfect diet arose when her Jack Russel Terrier, Jojo, developed severe allergies and started scratching and biting herself raw.


Understanding the importance of using natural and unadulterated ingredients and with the help of Licht, a certified nutritionist developed a meal plan that miraculously reduced inflammation and healed Jojo.


Now, a firm advocate of natural medicine and holistic remedies, Vanessa hopes to share her knowledge and experience to help pet owners to understand alternative medicine and ways to enhance healthy well-being.


In her free time, Vanessa takes care of her three rabbits and four dogs. She enjoys teaching them new tricks and experimenting with new diets and recipes.






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