Cradle Ridge

Cradle Ridge

We encouraged the children and youth of Cradle Ridge with new clothes for the new year.

Sitting atop on a hill in Nagaland India is a small community of children and youth living in a Cradle Ridge AIDS Hospice. Many of them arrive at Craddle Ridge after losing their parents or after being left behind at hospitals after testing HIV positive.

As HIV weakens the immune system, many of them do not live well into adulthood, often falling sick from the common flu, unable to recover. The cold December months are particularly rough dropping to 5°C.

Despite losing great friends and living with little at such a young age, they still put on a happy face and laugh without abandon.

With your support, we managed to prepare new clothes, vitamins and simple games to encourage the children for the new year, thank you for loving Cradle Ridge.

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Cradle Ridge