Jalan Kukoh

Jalan Kukoh

We delivered groceries to over 80 households and brought smiles to 60 children

Hidden amongst tall skyscrapers and posh condominiums is Jalan Kukoh, one of Singapore's poorest estate. The families in Jalan Kukoh often live in overcrowded rental flats and struggle to make ends meet on a meager income.

Despite Singapore's strict laws, drug abuse is still a common sight in Jalan Kukoh. Used needle syringes and bags of glue improperly disposed, littering the corridors and stairwells.

With your generosity, we managed to distribute 84 care packages and 60 back to school fun packs worth well over over $7,000. Thank you for helping us bring joy and laughter to the people of Jalan Kukoh, Merry Christmas!

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