With the expertise of a certified nutritionist well versed in numerable topics, Pawspiracy aims to help you personalize a nutritional goal suited to your companions’ needs. We want to be by your side to encourage, energize and motivate you to jump-start your exciting journey towards a happier and healthier companion.


Your companion has a unique body mechanism, with unique experience, goal, likes, dislikes and history. Our consultancy offers the opportunity to tailor a plan and diets specific to the needs of both you and your companion.


There may be lots of information out there on the internet, the veterinarian’s office and the pet stores. You may have heard of different diets and proteins. But never knowing whether to feed only meat, fish, BARF, PMR, grains, vegan, gluten-free, etc. We can help remove the guesswork by providing you with only credible information so you can focus your attention and energy into completing your nutritional goals.


The important takeaway from every consult session would lead you a step closer to empowerment. You will have the confidence and courage to walk into any pet store and tackle the product shelves, knowing that you are only choosing the best and only the best. 

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