Are you looking for the BEST commercial food or treat available in Singapore? At Pawspiracy, we don’t believe in the best per say but instead the most suitable.

There must be an understanding of what to feed, how to feed and how much to feed. Although there are many options available in the market, not all are made equal or with your little ones in mind. There are countless products coming from unknown sources, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) from China, Alibaba, Taobao, etc.

The risk?

Your dogs or cats could be eating 4D meats (Dying, diseased, dead, disabled), contaminated products, bleaching agents, condemned foods, etc. Would you feed potentially toxic jerky and treats to your beloved companion? Treats and food that you would never dream of putting on your plate?

Be a wise owner, we get to live only once, that goes the same to your cat or dog, shop smart.



     ​1. Human Grade vs. Pet Grade 

Are the meats used suitable for human consumption? Or it is pet grade meat that is strictly only for pet consumption? Would you eat the treats that you are feeding your little one?

​      2. Country of Origin

Meat imported from different countries vary in quality and standards. Government regulations that oversee abattoirs and meat processing plants vary from country to country. We prefer meat coming from New Zealand, Japan, Australia, USA, Denmark, Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom.


     3. Transparency of Labelling

The use of labelling is one of the many ways kitchens, manufacturers and distributors use to assure consumers of product safety.Take a closer look at your packaging and see if the following information can be found!


Type Of Product: Raw freeze dried, Cooked freeze dried, Air-Dried, Dehydrated

Type Of Ingredients: Free-range, Grass-fed, Organic

Protein: Chicken, Duck, Pork, Venison

Meat Cut: Breast, Neck, Feet, Tail

Country Of Origin: China, Australia, United Kingdom

Percentage Of Ingredients Used: 70% ABC and 30% DEF

Other Ingredients: Broccoli, Rosemary, Tocopherols, Sodium selenite


High quality products SHOULD NOT contain by-products, carrageenan, chemicals, colourings, corn, diary, fillers, flavouring, flour, glycerins, grains, hormones, meal products, potatoes, preservatives, salt, soy, sugar, synthetic vitamins and wheat.

    4. AAFCO Approval

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) is not a government regulatory agency. AAFCO is a private organization whose primary purpose is to regulate the safety of animal feed. However, AAFCO’s self employed regulations and standards fall short on several occasions  

  • Failure to set maximum requirements, only minimum

  • Does not evaluate digestibility

  • Quality of ingredients especially vitamins and minerals are not regulated

  • Reluctance to incorporate the National Research Council (NRC) requirements and findings

  • Not all recommendations and requirements are well researched​

Which is why we feel that AAFCO approved food may not always the best for your companion.


Despite that, we do commend AAFCO for setting up bare bones nutritional requirements for organizations to refer to and follow which has prevented nutritional deficiency to a certain degree.


     5. Product Composition

A plant-based diet and a meat-based diet can have surprisingly similar nutritional profiles which seem to meet base requirements. The difference is noticeable when your companions tries to digest and breakdown the food. As ancestral carnivores, your companion experiences much better nutrient absorption with meat-based diets than plant-based ones.


At Pawspiracy, we prefer diets high in protein, low in carb and primarily meat based with exceptions for botanical supplements.


For treats and chews, we prefer single ingredient muscle meat treats such as 100% chicken breast or 100% lamb pizzle over organ treats such as kidney or liver. This better prevents instances of digestive upset and/or nutritional imbalances. Do note that treats made with organs meats should be fed in moderation and given sparingly.


We hope this guide has helped you. If you wish to learn more, do check out our blog and follow our Instagram where we will regularly post and educate about nutrition.


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