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We currently have two plans to choose from:
Revival and Chew.

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Some furmilies are big, some furmilies are small.
Decide how many boxes you want delivered per month.

Unboxing Time

The fun begins the moment your packages are delivered. Rip into the packages to snack and chew away.

How does our plan work?

Step 1 - Choose a plan
Pick your plan based on what you'd like to receive every month! We have plans that include varying amounts of treats, chews and toys. You can check the plans out below and never run out of Pawspiracy!

Step 2 - Decide quantity
Sometimes one box is simply not enough. We offer multiple box tiers in our plans. The more you buy, the better the savings! Simply decide on your desired quantity before checking out. Ideal for Pawspiracy fanatics and multi-pet households.

Step 3 - Unboxing time
Unleash your pet's inner carnivore and let the fun begin. Whether you choose to have a snuffle worthy time with your pet or give a chew to enrich their day, the contents of the box is sure to enrich their month ahead. With a new box every month, the fun never stops!

Part of the fun of subscribing is not knowing what is coming every month. The only guarantee is that every box is only filled with the finest of raw ingredients and the rest is a mystery. Tease your pet's taste buds every month with a new taste and unbeatable quality when you sign up.

Anticipate the tastiest chews every month and never worry about what your pet has to do while you are busy. As much as our chews are odor free, don't be surprised if your pets smells the new box coming every month. Work off some of that excess energy and let your pet take charge of dental health when you sign up.

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Revival Chews
Revival Standard Box
Beef, Chicken, Duck, Lamb, Pork
8 -
Revival Premium Box
Goat, Kangaroo, Seafood, Turkey, Venison
4 -
Seasonal Special Box 2 -
DIY Birthday Surprise
1 -
Chews - 12
4 -
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