Terms of Sale

For all Pawspiracy subscribers, please read the terms of sale before purchasing. 

Shipping: All Pawspiracy Products and Subscription Plans ship only within Singapore and all prices are in SGD.

Delivery: When you purchase a subscription you'll receive repeat deliveries. We work with the shipping company to delivery your goods. Packages will be aimed to ship the second week of every month

Mailing Address: It is your responsibility to ensure your address is accurate and up to date. If there are any changes to your address, it is your responsibility to update your address a minimum of 2 weeks before the start of the month. You can do this by emailing us directly.

Cancellation / Early Termination: Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time with a minimum of 2 weeks notice, by notifying Pawspiracy via email at hello@pawspiracysingapore.com with the reason why you’d like to cancel your subscription. 

Pawspiracy is not obligated to provide credit or refunds for early termination. A refund is not guaranteed and we will handle each cancellation on a case to case basis. Pawspiracy may choose to charge a processing fee. Any and all bonuses promised with these subscriptions will be forteited immediately. 

Age of Consent: You must be at least 16 years of age or older to subscribe to any of Pawspiracy Subscription Plans. By creating an account and subscribing to the service you warrant that you are capable of entering a binding contract and that you are at least 16 years of age. 

All sales are final. There are no refunds, exchanges or returns on any items received as part of the monthly subscription box.

We reserve the right to discontinue your subscription at any time for any reason. If a subscription is cancelled by us, it is our responsibility to issue a refund for all months remaining in your subscription.

Subscription members are authorised to receive an __% off all items in our online store. The items purchased can be added onto your box before the 21st of each month and the items will be shipped out with your box. This discount cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions, sales or coupons.