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Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Have you heard of raw diet? It's supposed to be the best! No, kibble is the way to go. Billions feed their pets kibble and nothing happens. Pfft, canned is way better than kibble. Nonsense, the best is obviously freeze-dried, no blood, no fuss.

The pet food industry is a growing multi-billion dollar industry, and new brands with new formulas constantly pop-up. As much as we would love to analyse and go into detail for each and every available brand, it would be a long, daunting and never ending list. 

What we have is a generic guide. A guide of our own measurements and perception of diets ranked based on how they measure up based on 1. nutritional requirements, 2. digestibility and 3. species appropriateness.

It is highly encouraged that everyone reads up on the nutritional demands of your companion before embarking on any diet changes, especially homemade meals. We personally chose to make our companions' meals ourselves. With homemade meals, we would be able to oversee everything from shelf life to the quality of ingredients and control what's in their food. 

Pawspiracy’s list of pet diets ranked from Most Recommended to Least Recommended. 

1. Homemade balanced Raw diet

2. Homemade balanced Cooked diet

3. Commercial balanced Raw diet

4. Freeze-dried balanced diet (Rehydrated)

5. Air-dried / dehydrated balanced diet (Rehydrated)

6. Commercial balanced Cooked diet

7. Human-grade balanced Canned/wet food

8. Premium pet-grade balanced Canned/wet food

9. Human-grade kibbles

10. Premium pet-grade kibble

11. Grocery store bought Canned/wet food

12. Grocery store bought kibble

13. Unbalanced meals, raw or cooked

The chart shown below reflects average nutritional percentages gathered from different commercially available diets. They are not a representation of any particular brand. You may choose to compare your companion’s current diet according to the percentages reflected below to see how it measures up.

I hope that our personal rankings give you a better understanding of commercially available pet foods and perhaps consider making a dietary change to better meet your companion's nutritional needs.

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Until next time, keep your tails wagging.

Pawspiracy Team

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