Beef-nut Brittle | Beef Tendon

Beef-nut Brittle | Beef Tendon


Our Beef-nut brittle is one durable chew.   


Made with 100% freeze dried raw Beef Tendon, our mallow sticks are chock-a-block with nutural occuring collagen.


The firm texture combined with it's addictive taste is sure to keep your companion entertained until the last bite. 


Available in a pack of 40 grams! 

    Protein: Beef - Free Range Grass Fed

    Cut / Part: Tendon

    Country of Origin: New Zealand

    Other Ingredients: None!

    Made in: Singapore


    Free of antibiotics, preservatives, additives, hormones, grains, gluten, etc. We mean it when we say no other ingredients have been added. 


    Store unfiinished portions in the refrigerator for freshness.


    Pawspiracy, food that nourishes and not harm.
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