Black Chicken Whole Prey Box

Black Chicken Whole Prey Box


Something spooky has been brewing up in our kitchen! 


Our Black Chicken Whole prey box fits a mishmash of the eerie black silkie chicken parts. A set of wings here, a slash of breast there and a necky head to top it all off. 


Nothing is complete without the beating heart and our Black Chicken whole prey box is no exception, complete with a set of lungs and crunchy trachea, the only thing our box lacks is some feet. 


Why? We won’t want this deal to run away from you! 


What's in the box?

1 Black chicken head

1 Black chicken neck

1 Black chicken trachea

2 Black chicken lungs

2 Black chicken wings

2 packets of 10 grams Black chicken training bites


Limited stocks available, order now and get it before 31 October,

just in time to celebrate the spooky holidays. 


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