Blue Mussel Powder | Seafood Boosters

Blue Mussel Powder | Seafood Boosters


Looking for an all natural way to boost manganese values?


Try our 100% freeze dried fresh blue mussel powder, made with nothing but blue mussels!


Natural sources of manganese can be hard to come by and as a result, manganese is a mineral that is commonly lacking in home-prepared diets.


Just 2g of mussel powder provides enough manganese for a 5kg doggo. 


Every 1g of mussel powder = 3g of fresh, gently steamed blue mussels. 


Suitable for both cats and dogs of all lifestages.

Each bottle comes with 40g of gently processed blue mussels from New Zealand. 


  • Rich natural source of manganese to promote cartilage and joint health
  • Contains high DHA level which support brain and retinal function
  • Favourable EPA levels can help reduce inflammations in the body, skin, colon, etc


For shellfish, cooking often increases the nutritional values we are targeting for and reduces the risk of poisoning. 


Shake well before serving.

This product is intended for supplemental feeding only.

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