Monthly Revival Box (Flash Sale)

Monthly Revival Box (Flash Sale)

S$315.00 Regular Price
S$239.00Sale Price

What is this? 

It's a Revival Freeze-Dried Raw Subscription program! You are guaranteed to get a box every single month. As well as some seriously not-to-be-missed seasonal products, every 6 months. Don't miss the special subscription rate of only $239 for a package that is usually worth $315, inclusive of shipping.


Over the course of 12 months, you will receive

6 Regular Boxes + 4 Premium Boxes + 2 Seasonal Boxes

1 Birthday Surprise


That's a total of 12 Revival Boxes a year! You will never run out! 


Available Options:

Regular boxes: beef, chicken, duck, lamb, pork

Premium boxes: kangaroo, turkey, venison, seafood

Premium boxes are limited. 



Your subscription will start the month after you sign up. Local Standard Shipping Fees are included as part of the subscription.


Be sure to check and read the terms and conditions before you sign up for this subscription.


We can't wait to send out your monthly Revival packs!


Free of antibiotics, preservatives, additives, hormones, grains, gluten, etc. We mean it when we say no other ingredients have been added. 


Sealed in small quantities for maximum freshess. Small enough to bring and enjoy everywhere.


Even though it's a 100% raw, you can safely store in any cool, dry place. IT DOES NOT NEED REFRIGERATION.

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