Buttons | Atlantic Mackerel Eyeballs

Buttons | Atlantic Mackerel Eyeballs


You are as cute as a button! 


Rich and creamy with a slight crunch, these eyeballs although a tad bit creepy, make a delectably nutritious snack. 


Packed in resealble bags for convenience, each pack contains 10 bouncy eyeballs. 

Protein: Atlantic Mackerel - Wild-caught

Cut / Part: Eyes

Country of Origin: Iceland

Other Ingredients: None!

Made in: Singapore


Free of antibiotics, preservatives, additives, hormones, grains, gluten, etc. We mean it when we say no other ingredients have been added. 


Store unfiinished portions in the refrigerator for freshness.


Pawspiracy, food that nourishes and not harm.
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