Rustic Raw Meat Cake

Rustic Raw Meat Cake



We create cakes that are 100% raw for your fur kid. The choice of freeze-drying is up to you! 

Suitable for cats and dogs who are on a raw diet.

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What is it made of?

100% pet safe ingredients

Each raw cake contains a minimum of:
95% of Raw muscle meat.

5% of Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Yogurt, Cottage Cheese and others.

Raw Cake: Weighs 500grams to 700grams depending on your choice of add ons.

Freeze dried Raw Cake: Every 1 gram rehydrates to 3 grams of cake.


Does not contain

Any colouring, flavourings, grain, preservatives or additives


Probiotic Chicken from Singapore

Free range Duck from Malaysia

Free range Pork from Australia

Free range Grass fed Beef from Australia

Free range Grass fed Lamb from New Zealand

Free range Kangaroo from Australia

Wild caught Venison from New Zealand

Free range Turkey from USA

Wild caught Salmon from New Zealand

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