Beef-nut Brittle | Beef Tendon

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Much like peanut brittle, our beef-nut brittle is one hardy chew! The firm texture combined with it's addictive taste is sure to keep your companion entertained until the last bite. 


  •  Made with only free range, grass fed beef tendon from Australia
  • 100% freeze dried raw
  • No preservatives, additives, grains, gluten, etc.
  • 40g per packet


  • Contains high amounts of natural collagen
  • High digestibility
  • Promotes skin elasticity and healthy coat 
  • Supports muscle, ligament, tendon and bone growth
  • Suitable for pets who are on an elimination diet


A binge worthy series is not complete without the perfect snack. Grab a fresh bag of chips and hand your pet a chew. After all, who doesn't love to Netflix and Chew!

shiny teeth that sparkle

Oral hygiene never tasted this good! Get ready for that megawatt smile and keep the plaque away as chewing prevents dirt and food from building up.

odour? what odour?

Every chew is given an ozone bath, so say goodbye to bacteria such as escherichia coli, listeria, etc. Compared to traditionally prepared chews, our freeze-dried chews smell as divine as they taste.