Black Chicken Whole Prey Box

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Something spooky has been brewing up in our kitchen! 

Our Black Chicken Whole prey box fits a mishmash of the eerie black silkie chicken parts. A set of wings here, a slash of breast there and a necky head to top it all off. 


  • Made with only black silkie chicken from Singapore
  • 100% freeze-dried raw
  • No preservatives, additives, grains, gluten, etc.

What's in the box?

  • 1 Black chicken head
  • 1 Black chicken neck
  • 1 Black chicken trachea
  • 2 Black chicken lungs
  • 2 Black chicken wings
  • 2 x 10 grams Black chicken training bites

More Information

Organ Meats – Rich in B Vitamins Cartilage
Tendons – Natural source of collagen and gelatin to boost joint health
Bone & Bone Marrow – Mineral dense

Prey Model Feeding


Also known as PMR, this is a popular way for many to introduce raw to their pets. Feeding the whole prey includes everything from the skeletal muscles to the bones itself.

nose to tail nutrients

Strange bits and offals are often overlooked but can provide your pet with a surprising boost of nutrients. Tendons and feet can help with joint health . Offals are mineral dense to help the body heal and repair.

mess free

Breaking down a whole bird or animal can be a daunting task. Think of the blood, the ooze and sometimes the feathers. Start with our whole prey boxes and enjoy the PMR feeding without the mess.