âng-pao | Red Packet

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Made with only the finest of ingredients, are you ready to bring "HUAT" into your homes!

Min. order 5 red packets.


  • 2 crumbly pineapple cookies 
  • 1 hand shredded packet of bark-hu 
  • Available in beef, chicken, duck and pork
  • No fillers, flour, grains, additives, colouring, etc
  • Made with only meat and freeze-dried raw

100% Freeze Dried

Celebrate friendship and love this Mid-Autumn Festival with the first ever handmade freeze-dried RAW mooncakes.

With no refrigeration required, these are perfect for on the go celebrations at the park, moon watching and lighting lanterns with loved ones.

ornate gifting box

Our handcrafted mooncakes are presented in a customised gift box, perfect as festive gifts of appreciation for friends and family.

The design features all things iconic about this lovely lunar holiday including adorable rabbits and ornate lanterns

zero sugars, wheat, flour

Made with you in mind, each mooncake only contains fresh raw muscle meats, wrapped in slow roasted sweet potatoes for that irresistible caramelized taste!

Feed knowing that every bite is free of wheat, flours, potato, added sugars, flavourings and colourings.

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Customer Reviews

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Faith Yee
Indulgence for my pup

My picky pup loves the duck freeze dried 'pineapple tarts' to the core and even tried to ask for more. Unfortunately there were only 2, which he finished in a few minutes. Pork floss smelled great but my pup was not too crazy over it.