Poultry-geist (Black Chicken Mashup)

Poultry-geist (Black Chicken Mashup)

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Celebrate this Halloween with our Black Chicken mashup! Every cut has been harvested by hand to ensure that only the very best make the cut. Unlike our whole prey box, you get to choose the cuts you want and serve up the very best Witch Stew.

Our Ghoulish Selection

  • Brain Box - 1pc Chicken head
  • Worm - 1pc Chicken neck
  • Blackened wing - 1pc Chicken wings
  • Fleshy bits - 10g Chicken dark meat (thigh, drumstick)
  • Talons - 2pc Chicken feet
  • Feelers - 3-4pc Chicken fillet
  • Bat wing - 1pc Chicken breast w. keel 


  • Made with only Silkie chicken from Singapore
  • 100% freeze-dried raw
  • No preservatives, additives, grains, gluten, etc.