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 Revival freeze-dried training bites are perfect for any occasion. Whip out a box and let these high value treats win over your furry friend!


  • Made with only wild caught sardines from the Pacific Ocean
  • 100% freeze-dried raw
  • No preservatives, additives, grains, gluten, etc.


  • Great for preventing cancer and dental disease 
  • Rich in antioxidants and vitamin D
  • Contains a good amount of ubiquinol Coq10, important for cardiovascular health
  • Great source of vitamin B-12
  • Aids in developing muscles and other connective tissue, boosting immune system, and protecting against kidney disease.


Advise to break or chop into small pieces, especially for gulpers. Always supervise your furkid whenever feeding. 

swimming in omega-3

Natural sources of omega-3 fatty acids can be hard to find but they come by the boatloads in seafood. Seafood options are teeming with EPA and DHA.

Food Safety

Our carefully chosen seafood selections are low in mercury content and preserved naturally (i.e. free of all chemical preservatives such as ethoxyquin).

Our cooked shellfish are safe for both pets and their owners!


Omega-3 fatty acids have been proven to boost mental alertness, trainability, repair skin barrier and even maintain coat health to keep everything shiny.

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