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Raw bites are here!


Retaining its premium quality of a 100% raw meat, Revival's training bites now come in cubes which have been hand cut and meticulously trimmed to perfection.


Perfect for walks and trick training.

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Monthly Revival Boxes


Can't get enough of revival? Sign up for our package. You are guaranteed to receive a box of Revival treats each month! 


Subscribers also enjoy discount perks and exclusive products. 

Monthly Chew Boxes


Our drool worthy pizzle, trachea comes in goat, beef, bull.


Available for both gentle and power chewers


Catered towards D.I.Y. feeders  or freeze-dried lovers looking to try home prepared meals.


Shop from our growing range of freeze-dried products. Choose from muscle meats to organic vegetables, organ meats to raw bones. With Pawspiracy, you too can have home prepared freeze-dried meals!

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