the power of chewsing

Chew Chew Train

We've got you covered! Catering to any chew style or life stage, Pawspiracy offers the widest range of freeze-dried chews made artisanally. ย 

Freeze-dried bone preserves raw qualities with minimal heat, reduced splintering, and natural crumble. Rehydration capabilities ensure gentle digestion. Unlike other dental chews, our freeze-dried range is designed to minimize the risk of tooth damage and harm to throats and organs.

Our curated selection puts your pet's safety first. No ostrich bones or deer antlers hereโ€”just safe, fun chews without the risk of fractured teeth or oral trauma.

  • Odour-less

    We take extra care in treating our chews with a special ozone process. In addition to the meticulous cleaning, it results in a product that is both safe and virtually odour-free.

  • Highly Digestible

    Experience the benefits of our product, which is crafted with 100% natural ingredients and free from any harmful additives or fillers that may lead to upset tummies.

  • Gentle Experience

    These freeze-dried treats and chews are gentle on the teeth and gums. They have excellent rehydration capabilities which allowing them to absorb saliva and rehydrate for a satisfying chewing experience.

  • safer chewing

    When it comes to choosing bones for your pet, freeze-dried bones are an excellent option. Like raw bones, they crumble rather than splinter, making them safer and gentler on the stomach compared to dehydrated bones.


Chewing, chewing, chewing, chewing, chewing, chewing all day long

  • fight boredom

    Chewing is a natural behavior that can help-alleviate stress, anxiety, boredom and even promote a sense of calmnessย 

  • improve dental health

    The gnawing and chewing motion aid in scraping off tartar, preventing plaque build-up and combating bad breath

  • Postitive enrichment

    Redirect destructive habits such as chewing on cables or furniture into something positive enrichment

  • Stress Relief

    Chewing helps pets divert attention from stressful situations, promoting a sense of calmness through the release of endorphins.

Chewing with Style

A generic guide for varying toughness of our chews to aid your decision.

Determine your pet's chew style base on food drive, motivation to chew, size, weight, age and breed. Most importantly, you know your pet best! Chewsing the right chew is important to prevent any digestive issues and minimised choking hazards.

  • Gentle Style

    Typically kittens cats, puppies & seniors

    Gentle chewers, not particularly food-driven, prefer taking their time and are less inclined toward hard chews like pizzles. With a tendency to savor each bite, they are less likely to swallow large pieces, making fillets an ideal choice for them.

    Pawspiracy chews are softer compared to traditional dehydrated chews and appeal to gentle chewers.

    Pork Tendon | Chicken Fillet

  • Mild/Moderate Style

    Typically cats, adult dogs & teething pups

    Mild chewers appreciate occasional chewing but prefer options that aren't overly challenging. They opt for chews with a stronger taste and minimal bones, showing a preference for smaller pizzles and wing tips.

    Pawspiracy chews are freeze-dried which concentrates the natural flavour of each chew, making them irresistible.

    Chicken Chews | Pork Pizzle

  • Strong Style

    Typically adult dogs

    Most dogs fit into this category and are mostly food driven. They relish the challenge and crunch of boney chews, displaying a determination to enjoy the rewards of their hard work. Whole heads and tendons are preferred choices for these enthusiastic chewers.

    Pawpsiracy's bone-in chews are non-weight bearing and freeze-dried making them a safer chew experience pup compared to traditional chews.

    Duck Chews | Beef Tendon

  • Aggressive Style

    Typically adults or larger breed dogs

    Aggressive chewers, known for easily destroying toys, need chews that can withstand their intense chewing instinct. Standard boneless options like fillets are no match for them, and selecting magnum-sized chews provides a greater challenge.

    Pawspiracy chews rehydrate with saliva and are less prone to breaking into chunks, reducing the risk of choking and making them an ideal choice for aggressive chewers.

    Magnum Bull / Lamb Pizzles | Pork Snout