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Quality treats and chews made from quality meats. As pet owners ourselves, we often ask the question "Is this something I would feed my pet?". We make sure every product contains wholesome ingredients we would eagerly feed our very own pets (if not eat them ourselves).

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The only SUPER YUMMILICIOUS treats for a picky dog!


I know that i can trust the ingredients. and it's something i feed very regularly, using them EVERYDAY for training and it doesnt make my hand stink, it's easy to bring out and it's preportioned pretty well. as for the dogger, he loves everything about it, although it's small he doesn't pick on it AT ALL.


It is vacuum-packed to seal in the freshness. The treats are fun-sized, suitable for nosework toys. The individual packs makes it easy to pack a treat for doggy school day!


I like that it is conveniently packed and can be brought out separately during outings (saving bag space as we no need to bring a big bag of treats out), small sized making it very suitable for training and/or used for puzzles.


I like the training bites because it's great for my dogs to use in their snuffle toys. It's also a good no mess and high quality treat to motivate them for training. Plus how can we ever turn down high quality treats? It's always great to have a transparent shop where the products are made in house.


It is packed individually in small portion to ensure the freshness of the treats! I only open the new pack when one pack finishes. Not only that, the treat is in bite size! Not too big or small, just enough to feed the greedy girl and would not be too full for her dinner. Despite it being slightly pricey to first timer, but after purchasing it , it really make me feel that the price is worth in the quality of the treats . I believe everyone want the best for the furkid ;)