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We love how bite-sized they are and really appreciate all the effort that goes into cutting them up so uniformly! These are the only treats we get now because they're suitable for all kinds of dogs - Bourbon loves it for training and his interactive nosework toys and Pepper loves it because she has no teeth and this is small enough for her to enjoy! It's been really difficult to find treats that are suitable for Pepper till we came across revival treats just a few months ago, so thank you.


Other than the obvious fact that it's bite-sized and single ingredient, we like that doesn't break apart easily and gets messy like some freeze dried treats. We also like that it's individually packed in portions so it doesn't lose it's freshness unlike opening an entire bag.


Pawspiracy's revival treats benefited the whole fam as it helped to lessen the workload of hooman slaves. They used to order one type of protein & dehydrate it into bite sized pieces causing lots of frustration on both ends. Why does the king have to wait so long just to eat the same thing?! With the revival treats, I get to enjoy different bite sized proteins packed full of nutrients. It is also 100% raw with no nasty artificial stuff, pawfect for a king like me! Thanks to Pawspiracy's revival treats, hoomans now have the extra time & energy to serve me better!


Love the mini packaging so it doesnt lao hong, love the size for training! It's all perfectly cubed and pretty too. Dog loves it. I love it because of freeze dried and single ingredient. I like the cute packaging


Convenience! The ease of reaching for 1 packet before we head out is a total game changer. No more fumbling with Tupperware or resealable zip lock before we leave the house. Just grab and go! Portion Control! We know each pack is 10g worth of treats, so depending on how many packs he consumes daily, we can easily adjust his meals to keep within the daily calorie intake. Variety! So many different proteins to choose from, we are spoilt for choice. We switch up his proteins from time to time because each type has a different nutrient profile and provide different benefits. So we love having many different flavours to choose from. Freeze Dried! We prefer FD over dehydrated (which we can prepare at home) because the process retains the nutritional value better than other methods. Cosmo's meals are FD raw too!


Iknow that i can trust the ingredients. and it's something i feed very regularly, using them EVERYDAY for training and it doesnt make my hand stink, it's easy to bring out and it's preportioned pretty well. as for the dogger, he loves everything about it, although it's small he doesn't pick on it AT ALL. <these are what applies to us!


Bite sized / 2. can fit very well in snuffle toys or just to balance on their nose🤣/ 3. individual vacuum packed/ 4. smells good & fresh = good quality to me/ 5. PRETTY packaging/ 6. i really like the cube shape cause it’s very unique as usually treats are circle or shapeless


I like the training bites because it's great for my dogs to use in their snuffle toys. It's also a good no mess and high quality treat to motivate them for training. Plus how can we ever turn down high quality treats? It's always great to have a transparent shop where the products are made in house.


Small cubes! there is no need for me to cut into smaller pieces for portion control.- wide variety ⁣of proteins.- single ingredient.- very fresh as they're vacuum sealed into 5 small bags.- we subscribe to the Monthly Revival Box, so it is a surprise for us every month! hooman loves the riddle sheet :P


It is packed individually in small portion to ensure the freshness of the treats! I only open the new pack when one pack finishes. Not only that, the treat is in bite size! Not too big or small, just enough to feed the greedy girl and would not be too full for her dinner.Despite it being slightly pricey to first timer, but after purchasing it , it really make me feel that the price is worth in the quality of the treats . I believe everyone want the best for the furkid ;)


I LOVE THAT it’s so generously portioned! i love that it’s vacuum packed too. initially i thought 5 x10g was little but i was wrong!!


It's convenient especially for training and interactive toys. Great to bring out and share too. Also sometimes I use it as on-the-go meals when I'm out and won't have his full meal with me! Definitely not balanced but at least he won't be hungry 🤣