Support Local, Choose Quality

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When it comes to our beloved pets, we truly care. That's why we have carefully curated only brands we trust and share the same principals as us.

Discover local pet brands that prioritize quality and authenticity. Run by real pet parents, their brands offer well-crafted and genuinely beneficial products committed to your pet's joy and wellbeing. Join us in celebrating the warmth and authenticity these brands bring, and discover firsthand why we love them.

  • Good Gut

    Committed to the transformative power of gut health, Good Gut aims to improve lives one squeeze at a time. Through dedicated research, they identify effective strains tailored for specific health conditions, including diarrhea and renal failure.

  • Furry Boost

    Born from an unwavering love for pets, Furry Boost is dedicated to enhancing their longevity and health one scoop at a time. Crafted by masters of traditional Chinese medicine, Furry Boost offers all-natural remedies for common pet ailments.