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Net Weight: 80g
Ingredients: Agaricus Blazei (Himematsutake), Cordyceps (Cordyceps Sinesis), Ganoderma Lucidum (Reishi), Grifola Frondosa (Maitake), Hericium Erinaceus (Lion's Mane), Inonotus Obliquus (Chaga), Pleurotus Eryngii (King Trumpet), Trametes Versicolor (Turkey Tail)

1. Immune System Support: The mushrooms in Super Shrooms are renowned for their immune-boosting properties. They help fortify your pet's natural defenses, making them more resilient to illnesses and infections.

2. Anti-Inflammatory Benefits: Many of these mushrooms contain powerful anti-inflammatory compounds, which can reduce inflammation and provide relief for pets dealing with joint issues or other inflammatory conditions.

3. Cognitive Health: Lion's Mane mushrooms are known for their potential to support brain function. They may enhance memory and cognitive abilities, particularly in senior pets.

4. Stress and Anxiety Reduction: Reishi mushrooms have adaptogenic qualities that may help reduce stress and anxiety in pets, promoting a sense of calm and well-being.

5. Energy and Vitality: Cordyceps Sinesis mushrooms are prized for their ability to boost energy levels and stamina. They can be especially beneficial for active and high-energy pets.

6. Digestive Health: Mushrooms like Shiitake and Maitake can aid in digestion and support a healthy gastrointestinal system.

7. Antioxidant Power: Super Shrooms are rich in antioxidants, which help combat free radicals and oxidative stress, contributing to overall health and longevity.

8. Detoxification: Some mushrooms, such as Chaga and Agaricus Blazei, are believed to have detoxifying properties, assisting your pet's body in removing harmful toxins.

9. General Wellness: The combination of these diverse mushrooms creates a holistic approach to pet wellness, addressing various aspects of your pet's health simultaneously.

Store it away from heat and sunlight.

Simply scoop and add to food to feed!

Recommended Dosage:
1.00kg - 1.49kg - ½ scoop daily
1.50kg - 3.00kg - 1 scoops daily
3.01kg - 5.9kg - 1 ½ scoops daily
6.00kg - 8.00kg - 2 scoops daily
8.01kg- 10.00kg - 2 ½ scoops daily