Swimming Selections & Fin-tastic Flavous

The Freshest Ocean Catch

Dive into the ocean of nutrients with our seafood selection, packed with omega-3s and fatty acids for boosted skin, coat health, and mental alertness. Without the slimy texture and odors, even picky pets are tempted to try.

  • rich in omega 3

    Many seafood have omega 3 fatty acids which decreases inflammation in your body, promotes good skin and coat, strengthens the heart, and boosts immune system.

  • Catch of the Day

    We take great care in handpicking the finest ingredients for our kitchen, thoroughly inspecting every fish and diligently cleaning each mollusk.

  • Mess Free

    Experience crisp freeze-dried seafood, all the goodness of the ocean without the unpleasant slimy texture, unsightly gross guts or unappetizing fishy smells.

  • Thoughtful Selections

    With a higher risk, special care is taken when it comes to seafood. We always smaller fish and seafood low in the food chain to ensure safe mercury levels, which is why you won't find shark or crocodile in our stores!