Instagram and Facebook Live Sales

Our live sales are a fun and exciting way to shop in an almost in person setting. If you have not participated in our LIVE events before, please take some time to read the rules below!  Our rules and policies have been put in place so that our sales run smooth and are fair to everyone. We have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful people online! We expect all participants to please be patient and kind to the host, moderators and each other. Follow us @pawspiracy, and when we go live, a red ring and "LIVE" icon will show up around our profile photo.

General Terms:
1. To help facilitate our order process, you will have 2 hours after the Live Sale has ended to submit your details via the form.
2. Once we have sent out ALL invoices for the current Live Sale, an IG story will be posted.
3. Notify us immediately via email if you did not received your invoice or if there is something wrong with your order.
4. You will have 48hrs to make payment and respond to the email.
5. Orders will only be confirmed and sent after payment has been made.
6. Please reach out to us via EMAIL at
7. We reserve the right to cancel any orders that do not follow the
terms stated below.
8. Detailed terms and conditions can be found below the form.

Live Sale Rules

By participating in our live events, you agree to all the following:

Claiming for an item

  1. Once we showcase and state the price of an item/product, you have the option of claiming for it.
  2. Each product will be assigned a CODE, along with an indicated protein. 
  3. Kindly comment using the code word and indicate your quantity desired. Example: "CRACKER D x3"
  4. Items that are in limited quantities will be given priority to comments that first appear on OUR screen.
  5. If you comment to claim an item, you are committing to purchase that item. We ask that customers refrain from any swaps or put backs. 

After the Live Sale

  1. At the end of each live sale, to help facilitate and expedite the process, we kindly ask everyone to submit a short form found at the bottom of this page. We ask that everyone who has made a claim to submit this form IMMEDIATELY within 2 hours upon the ending of the Live.
  2. An invoice will be sent to you at your provided email address. 
  3. For any further enquiries, clarifications, amendments to your order, please reply via EMAIL! Instagram messages will be easily missed.  

Paying for your Live Order

  1. Payment is due within 48 hours (2 days) of receipt of email invoice.
  2. When all the emails have been sent, we will post an announcement to our IG story. Please set alarms/notifications to check your emails including your junk box! 
  3. Notify us immediately via email if you have not received your invoice, or if your order is wrong. 
  4. Reply to the email and send us a screenshot of your payment for us to confirm your order.
  5. We accept payment via Bank Transfer or PayNow
    Account Name: Pawspiracy Pte Ltd
    United Overseas Bank: 395-315-632-4
    Bank Code: 7375
    PayNow UEN: 201906759W

Shipping and Other Information

  1. Shipping is $5 for ALL orders below $50.
  2. After you pay your invoice, your purchases will be shipped out within the next 2 days. 
  3. For those who would like combine orders to save on shipping, we do ask that you make payment for your Live Sale Order first and asks us to hold your order when you submit the payment screenshot. Orders will be held for up to 1 week.
  4. For subscribers, if you would like to combine shipping with your next subscription box/order. Simply let us know when you submit your payment screenshot! 
  5. There may be popular products/items that may be made available for pre-order during live. Do note that orders containing these pre-ordered items might have a wait time of 1-2 weeks, depending on our freeze drying schedule.

Adding to my Live Order / Combining Orders

  1. Some of you might choose to add on additional items from the online store. 
  2. We request that you make your purchases online, simply add an order note with your IG handle and select "Ship together with my Next Order" when you checkout. 
  3. If you would like to make one transaction for both your online and live sale order, simply select "Bank Transfer" as your payment method during checkout and let us know when you send the screenshot of your payment.

Cancellation of Orders

  1. Orders will be considered abandoned and cancelled should we not hear from you within 48 hours. 
  2. You will not be individually notified or chased down for payment. Please turn on post notifications or set an alarm to remind you to check your emails, including your junk mail. 
  3. If you're having any trouble, please send us a message and we will do our best to help you out!
  4. Intentional failure to pay for your order will result in you being blocked from future live sales.

If you’re having any trouble please drop us an email at You will get the quickest response if you send an email opposed to a DM via Instagram.


Connection Problems

  1. Due to all of us having different connections to the live stream, comments will generally appear differently in the chat. We only go off of what is first on our screen.
  2. Claims are by the host's decision, oftentimes you may see your comment claim show up first on your screen. Due to device lag time we read and record the claims in the order that they come in on our own devices. 
  3. If you find your connection lagging, it's been suggested that changing your claim word and using emojis may help your claim get through. Here are some other suggestions (that are not guaranteed to work):
  • Closing and re-opening the app can help connection issues. 
  • Making sure Instagram/TikTok is the only app opened on your phone can help connection issues.
  • Being close to your router and switching from 2.4G and 5G can help connection issues.
  • Depending on location, using phone data can help connection issues.