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100% Beef Tendon from New Zealand


• Lean source of protein
• Excellent source of collagen
• Supports skin elasticity and coat health
• Promotes joint mobility and health
• Highly digestible and easy on the gums
• Intense flavour without the odour

Store at room temperature, away from sunlight and heat
Do not open until ready to feed
Store opened portions in an air-tight container 
For best results, store with a moisture absorbent desiccant
Consume by best before date on the packaging
• Store in fridge or freezer to extend shelf life

Be sure to only feed appropriately sized treats
Always supervise when giving any treat or chew.
These chews are intended for supplementary feeding only.
Ensure pets have access to clean water.

Learn more about chews and chew styles here

  • Odour-less

    Special ozone treatment and meticulous cleaning ensure our chews are safe and have little to no strong smells

  • Highly Digestible

    100% natural with no harmful additives or fillers to prevent upset tummies

  • Gentle Experience

    Easy on the teeth and gums, freeze-dried treats will absorb saliva and rehydrate

  • Freeze-Dried Bones

    Similar to raw bones, freeze-dried bones crumble rather than splinter and is gentler and safer on the stomach

  • Fight Boredom

    Chewing is a natural behavior that can help-alleviate stress, anxiety, boredom and even promote a sense of calmness 

  • Improve Dental Health

    The gnawing and chewing motion helps scrape of tartar & prevent plaque build-up