The start of something great

More than a freeze-dried treat manufacturer

Our Story

The name Pawspiracy came about as a play on the words paw and conspiracy. We first started out as retailers hoping to encourage owners to shop better and smarter. But soon realised that retailing was not our passion. Our desire was to properly educate pet owners and empower them with confidence to choose the right diet, treats and chews. Most importantly to make the best decisions for their pets.

We created freeze-dried products to give all pet parents (like us!) something safe and convenient to feed and yet as close to raw. Revival Training Bites was the first brainchild of Pawspiracy and we have since increased our product range to include freeze-dried chews and supplements.

Our Approach

We care deeply about what goes into every single product. Using fresh whole ingredients, our product range are manufactured in small batches right here in Singapore. We do not add any by products, fillers, artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. We avoid farms that enhance their meats with additives such as antibiotics, brine, colouring, hormones, preservatives, etc. Find out more about our ingredients here and our process here.

Our Taste Testers


With a particularly sensitive skin, the tiniest of impurities can send Cookie on a scratching spree. She is our go-to tester for trying our new ingredient sources.


Eager to please with an iron stomach, Sadie is our resident go to for taste testing our more exploratory series. Every batch of product goes through her drool of approval.


Not all products are a hit with Archer which makes him the pawfect tester for palatability. He might be picky but he is all for quality.


Age is just a number but according to Jojo, it just means you get first dibs on treats. She ensures that the different textures are suitable for seniors and those with gentle bites.