Pawspiracy's Choice

We care deeply about what goes into every single product. Using fresh whole ingredients, our product range is manufactured in small batches right here in Singapore. We do not add any by products, fillers, artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. We avoid farms that enhance their meats with additives such as antibiotics, brine, colouring, hormones, preservatives, etc.

The pawspiracy way!

Why did we choose to freeze-dry ALL our treats? Freeze-drying is a special form of drying that removes moisture at very low temperatures. Traditional methods of preservation use evaporation which involves heat to keep food fresh. Heat often destroys sensitive nutrients and alters the flavour, texture and appearance of the product.

In the absence of high heat, freeze-drying retains nutrients best, compared to other methods of preservation such as canning, dehydrating and air-drying. Because it is minimally processed, it helps to leave intact the wholesome nutrition that is naturally present. 

More than just a treat manufacturer

Pawspiracy may sell snacks but we truly believe that our products are more than just empty calories. Each creation is made with your pet's wellness in mind. As pet owners ourselves, we often ask the question "Is this something I would feed my pet?". We make sure every product contains wholesome ingredients we would eagerly feed our very own pets (if not eat them ourselves).

Quality over Quantity

All that passes through our kitchen is cleaned and processed by hand, trimming away fat, excess skin and sinew to make every sliver of Pawspiracy worth your while.

Why does source, quality and cut of meat matter to us? Because nothing should be overlooked when it comes to our furmily!

Our process although tedious gives us the satisfaction and assurance that only the best make it to your pet.

ingredient source

Beef: New Zealand
Chicken: Singapore
Duck: Malaysia / Singapore
Pork: Australia
Lamb: New Zealand
Turkey: USA
Kangaroo: Australia
Seafood: Japan / Norway / Singapore