Pawspiracy Powerbar
Pawspiracy Powerbar
Pawspiracy Powerbar
Pawspiracy Powerbar

Pawspiracy Powerbar

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  • Suitable for cats and dogs of all ages
  • Made with wholesome natural ingredients only
  • No preservatives, additives, grains, gluten, etc.

Made with only RAW muscle meat and a super food like organic kale or antioxidant rich cranberries, these Powerbars are sure to powerup your day!

Make this sweet treat even sweeter by powering up someone's life. 100% Powerbar proceeds go directly to a worthy cause and we get to make a difference because of your giving.ย 

Scroll down to read more about past Power Up initiatives and stay tuned for updates for our next Power Up initiative.ย 

โ€ข Store at room temperature, refrigeration optionalย 
โ€ข Keep away from sunlight and heat
โ€ข Do not open until ready to feed
โ€ข Store opened portions in an air-tight containerย 
โ€ข For best results, store with a moisture absorbent desiccant


This is like catnip for dogs

My pampered pups LOVE these treats, chicken is their favorite flavor! Would recommend being a bit more stingy with these treats so that it remains as a high value treat to your pups ๐Ÿ˜

M. P.
Probiotic Chicken Training Bites

Perfect size for training my pup. Itโ€™s small enough to be eaten quickly and the low calorie making sure that my pup will still have room for lunch/dinner.

Lamb Leg Training Bites

Lamb leg flavour is my dogโ€™s favourite.. I like this as itโ€™s easy to feed my dog who has no teeth.. I donโ€™t have to cut it etc as the size is just right and easy.

E. C.
Lamb Leg Training Bites

I love how the treatos are vacuum packed into 5 indivudual packs & treats are all in training treat size. :) really saves me a lot of time cutting and breaking them into smaller pieces.

Beef Tenderloin Training Bites

I LOVE THAT itโ€™s so generously portioned! i love that itโ€™s vacuum packed too. initially i thought 5 x10g was little but i was wrong!!

Duck Breast Training Bites

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